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Last Version of IUA Recommendations for Surgical Procedures in COVID-19 pandemic Published


With COVID19 pandemic influencing our country , there were requests from our fellow workers to share the IUA scientific recommendations about surgical procedures. Therefore, reviewing all available references of that time , 2 editions of the recommendations were shared; however, some challenges were still existing as a result of limitation of  evidence based references and ambiguity in pandemic condition in the country. Afterwards , IUA formed COVID 19 commission to prepare a third edition titled as IUA-CTP and publish it in Urology Journal. In the next editions , the referred evidence would be updated in epidemiological data  tables.

This kind of scientific reference to epidemiological findings in scheduling surgical procedures is rather a brand new attitude in the region and the world and among all specialties  and subspecialties of medicine. The current evidence is the 4th version of IUA-CTP based on the 3rd version with updated Iran’s epidemiological data:



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