Value statement of IUA Board of Directors 2019-2022

In the name of God


We the elect of the society of urologists, as the Iranian Urological Association Board of Directors, 2019-2022, would execute our stated programs considering the values of IUA in arrangement of the activities in order to stay principled and accountable. Demanding their valuable advices and executive cooperation from our colleagues, we request them to observe our activities and not to deprive us of their kind comments and counsels.

  • We devote ourselves to ethics and democracy in the processes of making decisions
  • We consider ourselves as a representative for each of the urology society members and we hope to further the indicated programs in a gentle atmosphere getting help from useful criticisms.
  • Not only we won’t let any member of Iranian Urology family be disregarded, but also we will do our best to persuade the ones thinking of leaving this family to stay with us.
  • We believe that IUA is a home for all of our colleagues from every age, gender, grade, branch and with any desire and attitude and we would do our best for participation of all groups of urology family of Iran.
  • We believe in clarification of the authorized decisions; Hence, we would design and execute communication paths for our fellow workers and demand them to help us with their suggestions.
  • We prioritize urology society profits rather than group or sectional ones.
  • We devote ourselves to meritocracy in scientific issues and justice in distribution of facilities.
  • We constrain ourselves to proceed in the stated programs along with all urology society members
  • We commit ourselves to democracy and equality of every member of the Board of directors and also to our duties and responsibilities.
  • In advance, we apologize for any unintentional neglect bothering a colleague or any dysfunction in getting advantage of theoretic and practical talents of urology family members. Whole heartedly we claim that all the probable failures shall be on account of us and all the upcoming advancements shall be a result of our dear colleagues’ involvements and activities.



Iranian Urological Association

Feb 2019